Working Practices

Quality Assurance

Site SafeIn undertaking council and large commercial works Stratton Construction provide robust quality assurance framework that provides our clientele with documented verification, inspections and tests throughout the various phases of the construction process as required.

Stratton Sports Courts also trading as Stratton Construction is a “Site Safe” member. It is company policy for all staff to obtain their Site Safe Passports through qualifying on a Site Safe Course. This course compliments the company induction process and ensures staff knows how to keep themselves and the public safe around heavy machinery and on a construction site.

Health & Safety Management

Our comprehensive Quality Assurance Manual further displays our commitment to providing safe and healthy working conditions for our staff. In addition to the Site Safe Course, the company provides a thorough health and safety induction for new employees that cover our policies on: hearing, eye, head, and foot protection; operating and working around construction plant; excavation and trench protection; working around power lines and cables; traffic management; fire protection and control; and dealing with emergencies in remote locations.

Site-specific health and safety plans are prepared for all our major work sites, with individual site briefings required of all new staff and visitors to those sites.

Environment Management

Protecting the environment is now a very important issue with the community and, in particular, our local government clientele. Under the framework of Quality Assurance, Stratton Construction has developed company policies and procedures for dealing with various environmental issues. For example:

  1. Erosion and sediment control                         
  2. Noise, dust and air pollution
  3. Vibration control
  4. De-watering/pumping waste water
  5. Heritage and archeology
  6. Excavation and soil management
  7. Community relations near work-sites
  8. Fuels and chemical storage on site
  9. Disposal of contaminated materials
  10. Protection and restoration of work site vegetation